New Songs and Happy Times


I just uploaded three new songs to my myspace…they were a quick record, but I am pleased with the songs.  Recording is not my niche, but it’s fun experimenting.   I’m being asked to lead worship in some new environments this summer and fall, and I will probably use those three in the worship sets.  One of them called “To The King” is something my brother Jordan and I collaborated to create.  I hope he’s pleased with the end result.  I’m so excited about these new musical ministry avenues!

Tonight the young adults headed out to eat, bowl, and attempt some radical jokes.  Tater lost at bowling, which meant that he was supposed to do something really embarrassing at Target/Walmart.  However, the guys gave him a double or nothing chance with air hockey.  It was quite a game!  Most of us girls almost got taken out by the puck at one point or another, but 7-6 Tater won.  Our attempts at other fun joking didn’t really get pulled off the way we had envisioned.  Oh well…

there’s always tomorrow night.

Make sure you check out the new music!


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