Conversations with God


Recently at a young adults Bible study, a friend said she felt challenged to follow through more faithfully on prayer when she says she will pray for someone.  I don’t think she’s alone in that challenge.  Personally I have been guilty of saying that phrase “I’ll be praying for you” and then not fully committing time with God about that person or situation.  Someone else in that discussion brought up that instead of saying that phrase, train yourself to say a prayer out loud with that person in that very moment.  This is not to say that we shouldn’t continue to pray afterwards, but it definitely starts the ball rolling.

It works.  I’ve recently mentioned that my friend John does this.  When he does, I feel an immediate sense of calm.  It is more than reassurance; it hugs your heart and draws you instantly into the arms of Jesus.

Brittany, my sister-in-law, and I have had some really in-depth discussions recently about prayer and forgiveness.  She is reading a fantastic book which has actually been teaching her to immediately talk to God about any hurts or concerns.  As she shared with me today, I thought about how many times I have been hurt or worried and did not instantly voice my heart to God.  It’s easy to stew a while, whether through venting to others, exercising it out, mentally analyzing, or all out avoiding it.  As Brittany reminded me today, David bore his heart and frustration to God in many of his Psalms.

Jesus has said to us that His desire is that we love Him with all our hearts, minds, and souls. (Matt. 22:37-40)  God knit us together in our mothers’ wombs. (Psalm 139:13)  🙂 Wow, I mean if anything this shows me how involved God is and desires to be in our lives, right down to the smallest detail.  He wants us to discuss everything with Him.  He wants us to wake up speaking His name and to fall asleep resting in His arms.  Sometimes grasping this is easier than putting this into practice.

As Maribeth Jennings put so beautifully, if we simply love God…if we acknowledge and appreciate the goodness of God…this “practice” will follow innately.  Loving God will develop a devoted, reliant passion in our hearts to converse with Him continually and to seek knowledge from His Word.

How blessed are we that we have such intimate access to our Creator and Redeemer!!!


3 thoughts on “Conversations with God

  1. Jordan

    So, if I’m likening prayer to a ball rolling then where does the ball go? How do I know that the ball is rolling in the right direction? Is there some prefabricated track for it to follow as if God knows before we set that ball rolling. And what if the ball is rolling before we even take those first efforts to get it rolling? And does the ball ever stop rolling? If the ball stopped rolling then that would mean that the issue is no longer an issue…or is it? Do we tunnel our “answers to prayer” down a one way track until we get what we want? What if the ball rolls the way we want it but it’s not the answer God was really giving us? What if the ball rolls the other way? Do we still pray? What if the ball jumps off the track or rolls down the wrong hill into a pit? Where, when, how, how long and why do we pray? Prayer is like a ball…I can’t quite picture it but if it is then I’m throwing it up to God!

  2. LOL, thanks brother. Maybe it’s like croquet. or POOL!!! Yeah, pool! It causes other balls to to move and interact and ultimately all the balls end up in the pocket of God!

  3. Jordan

    Does that mean that there are 6 pockets of God? You’ve bludgeoned me into a state of confustion. So, who’s manning the pool stick?

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