Positive Post Tuesday-Employment Thanks


I’ve been waiting all day for a phone call from this company. This waiting game has provided me loads of time to rest, create, rehearse, and hang out with my sis-n-law and nieces. Honestly, though, I’m so ready to get off my office bed and get back to the 40 hour work week. So in honor of times past, today I’d like to thank my previous employers for those positions that God provided. This is my positive post!

Let’s start with the college days. 3 years of my college education were spent living in the Fine Arts Building at Gardner-Webb University. Not only was I going to classes and rehearsing there, but I also worked as an assistant to Wanda Bridges, the mighty Fine Arts Secretary. I also got to work in the summer at a File Clerk/Check in/out Receptionist at a doctor’s office.

Then soon before graduating college, I got a lead on a position as a nanny for a family in Fairfax, VA. I figured it’d be something to get me by while I figured out which steps to take after receiving my Bachelor of Arts. That family continues to be a special part of my life. I stayed there three years caring for the three fantastic Wichterman kids. Bill and Dana made me a part of their family.

I was still a bit unsure about a “career”, but I got an invitation to move to Jacksonville, FL to rent a room in my college roomie’s house. Her husband was in the Navy and was gone a lot, so my old roomie desired the company. Kelly Services quickly found me the most amazing job as a Switchboard Operator/Receptionist in Fidelity National Financial’s corporate office. I loved that job. My co-workers and supervisors could not have been more amazing.

Then some close friends in FL asked me to help them further their new company. It was a website monitoring company, but the capabilities of his program was amazing. It was a struggle to get it going, but I think I learned more in that job than with any other job…that’s where I gained my advanced computer skills.

But I needed to be near home for a variety of reasons, so my family helped me pack up and ship all my stuff back to NC. Since then I’ve done office temp. work, waitressing, and more nannying as I’ve continued to seek a “career”.

With God’s hand something always comes, so I’m already thanking Him for this next job. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get that phone call. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Positive Post Tuesday-Employment Thanks

  1. Jordan

    It’s always good to see how we have changed through our past experiences and think about the things we have been a part of in the past years. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for the road behind and all the exit signs I jumped off on to get to where I am now. I guess I’m still in the process of taking those exits. Grace, Hope and Peace for a brand new day!

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