Project Bracelet


Today while I waited for phone calls and I was addicted to the BRAVO channel watching Project Runway.  It inspired me to make a bracelet.  Yep, the one you see to the left.  It’s not all that creative, but it gave me somewhere to focus my creative juices today.  At the moment I’m still on the Bravo channel watching Shear Genius.  I don’t know what it is about these shows, but I really enjoy them.  Typically I dislike reality TV.  I make an exception when it comes to What Not To Wear, Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, and Shear Genius.  Guess that’s cuz I just enjoy fashion.

BTW, got one of the phone calls, but was told I need to wait a couple more weeks.  *Sigh*


One thought on “Project Bracelet

  1. Jordan

    Bummer! Waiting makes the heart grow fonder…right? Love the bracelet. Tara likes those shows too. My allegiance lies with the Disney channel…Camp Rock and High School Musical all the way! Just picking…kind of. Love you sister!

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