Dreary and yes, the stats suck today.


Actually they’ve sucked yesterday too.  Oh well.

The rain started pelting about an hour ago.  Kinda fits my mood.  I keep some cappuccino mix on hand, but Grandma was cleaning out the cabinets recently and misplaced it…it’s not a big deal, but it really made me cry.  I’m so ready to have my own place.  My brother and sisternlaw in in Charlotte are giving me a really great bed.

All my furniture (including my beloved piano) is disbursed between buildings and attics.  Seems like most of my belongings have been packed up for years.  Someday soon I will have a place to call my own….

until then, I will rejoice that I am fed and have a roof over my head.

Speaking of Charlotte…I’m heading there this Friday for a really exciting weekend.  I’ll be hanging with my friend John and will give a concert at his church Sunday evening.  Hopefully I’ll be moving this <- bed into his storage unit for safe keeping.  I’ve run out of room in the attic here.  Just because I don’t have a house doesn’t mean I don’t accumulate stuff.  LOL.


One thought on “Dreary and yes, the stats suck today.

  1. lebrown79

    Have fun with John this weekend! Tell him I said hi, okay? Hey, call me while you’re down here! 704-674-4621.
    Love ya,

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