Positive Post Tuesday-James Tatum


I promise I did not forget!  I just got home from hanging out with my bro/sisnlaw/nieces all day long.  It was fantastic!

Earlier today I got a text from James Tatum, a.k.a. Tater.  This dude is not blood related to me, although he is blood related to my first cousins…we hang out like we are family.  For today’s Positive Post Tuesday, I want to talk about this friend of mine.

James loves people.  He goes out of his way many times to make sure that everyone feels included.  He opens the door to his house to friends so that they have a place to hang, fellowship, sleep…whatever is needed.  (Which, I must also shout out to his parents for supporting his community spirit.)

There is something really special about James.  Not only does he reach out to all people, he deeply feels any hurts or happinesses these people may feel.  James is a very protective and supportive guy.  If you need someone to cheer you on or to take a stand for you, James is your man.  I have seen him defend and protect every person in his life out of genuine love for each of them.

He’s been a great friend to me, pivotal in the upward emotional movement that occurred in my life a couple years ago.  As in, he made sure I had friends to hang out with  and that there was laughter in my life during a sad time.  Thanks, Tater.  You are true blue.


One thought on “Positive Post Tuesday-James Tatum

  1. Andira – Hi. Nice post for PPT. You have an awesome spirit about you (and talented, too). I must say that James sounds like a gem of a friend. I really enjoyed reading along as you lifted him up in encouragement. I pray the Lord continues to lift you up and that you feel His arms around you today. Such plans He has for you. May you continue to seek after Him with abandon and fall into His grace and goodness without fear. I know He has great purpose for you. Have a fantastic, blessed week.

    In Christ – Melody Milbrandt

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