Positive Post Tuesday-Mint Hill Baptist Church


As I started typing some more info from my weekend in Charlotte, I realized today was Tuesday: PPT TIME!!! So…

let me share with you about Mint Hill Baptist Church. These people were so much fun…and so encouraging. I immediately felt at home with them. Their open arms and heart for Jesus was incredible. Pastor Lee Proctor spoke life into this congregation on Sunday. I’m excited to see what God does through these people in their community.

As you can see from this picture (that I “stole” from my new friend Kristin Walker’s facebook), they are a family. For years John and I had been praying for a church that could be a home for him, a place where he could pour into people and be poured into. He has overwhelmingly found that at Mint Hill Baptist Church. Not only has God led him to a place where he can lead in worship, he is surrounded by people who embrace him, encourage him, and hold him accountable. Wow. Before he took this job, we prayed and talked in length about his decision, and I remember specifically praying for those very things.

Look how God responded! Amazing! I praise Him…this has already affected John forever. Thanks, Mint Hill!

(For more about my time at Mint Hill, go here.)  This is all a part of Positive Post Tuesday by Brody Harper.


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