Chris and Kristen are now married


My lifelong friend Chris is married.  To an awesome girl.   I’m so thrilled for these two people!!!  Their wedding was SOOOOOO much fun.  As you can see from the pic, my dad and I got to dance to the father/daughter dance.  It was the first time since being a child that I had danced with my daddy.  Very special.

My sisnlaws and friend Ashley Beam danced with my niece Taylor to all the songs.  Taylor kept doing these interpretive dances while the blues band was playing..while NO ONE was on the dance floor. She insisted that we join her.  It was a great night for her.  🙂  I think she’s gonna be a dancer.

There were three great moments in the wedding.  1)  Chris and Kristen recessed out to the Superman theme song.  Pretty much amazing.  2)  Chris and Kristen’s dance was well choreographed and contained a medley of songs such as “I’ve had the Time of My LIfe”, Stayin’ Alive, All I Ask of You…it was youtube worthy.  3)  I missed the BEST part.  Chris did his amazing talent of choreographing/dancing to boy band songs.  He put together a medley of NSYNC and Backstreet Boy songs, and supposedly it was pretty much “professional”.   Any boy bands out there need a back up dancer????

So that was my Saturday.  Now I’m off to planning some exciting events…I’ve got music pouring out of my nose again.  LOL.


3 thoughts on “Chris and Kristen are now married

  1. WOW! Thanks Andria! Your words brought a great big smile to my face! I miss ya sis and I hope you are doing quite well. I love Jordan’s comment. Haha. Take care Andria, love you, and I am so glad you were able to come to Kristen’s and I’s big day. Thank you so much! BIG HUG!!!

  2. Kristen Breedlove

    Hey Andria!
    What a beautiful picture of you and your father. I am so pleased that you and your Dad danced at the Father Daughter dance. It was such an honor and privilege to chat with you for just a few moments at the wedding.
    I know Chris, cherishes your friendship so much and just your entire family. He always talks about fun times he has had with you, josh and jordan. Please come visit us in lynchburg. Our apartment is called “the shoebox” it is very small but fun. Than you so much for being such a wonderful friend.

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