Positive Post Tuesday-CWC Women’s Ministries


What an honor to share with you today about a group of women who have helped to shape my world and walk these last couple of years. The women at my church have become some of my beloved mentors and prayer partners. I am surrounded by women there that serve God wholeheartedly whether in their family lives, careers, or volunteering at church. It’s pretty incredible to know that I could call any of these women, and all of them would take time to listen to and pray with me.

Every Thursday morning since I have become unemployed, my sisnlaw has picked me up to take me to the Women’s Ministry Bible Study. Such sweet time to dig into the Word and share “girly stuff” with one another. In fact, I was getting a bit sad recently realizing that once I secure a job, I will be unable to attend these Bible Studies…but!!! Starting in September, these Bible studies will be happening on SUNDAY nights! Score!!! This excites me not only because I will be able to continue to attend, but so many other ladies will have the opportunity to get this fantastic fellowship and encouragement now as well.

There are a couple of Women’s Ministry events coming up which are really tweaking my heart. 1) A luncheon on Monday with Jo Ann Lyon. If you don’t know who this amazing woman is, you need to know. She’s fantastic! She founded and is the head of World Hope International, and recently was voted General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church! How exciting that the women of my church are able to have a special time with her. 2) “BLESS YOU is our Women’s Ministry retreat in September. Since my sisnlaw is on the planning committee, I’ve gotten to hear a bit about the plans…and they are so great. I really feel God’s sovereign hand on this retreat; I believe it will open the hearts of these women and heal some old wounds.

My brother and sisnlaw started a website for this ministry, so if you are in the W-S area, are a woman, and would love an opportunity for female fellowship, CHECK out this amazing group!

This is a part of Positive Post Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “Positive Post Tuesday-CWC Women’s Ministries

  1. Andira – Sounds like the Lord has really been up to some awesome things in your life through these women of faith. I know that the women’s retreats I have gotten to go on have been incredible and have lead me to a deeper walk with God and richer relationships with other women searching after Him. I am excited to hear your excitement. 🙂 Plus, the fact that in Sept. it will switch to Sundays is great. See, God is workin’ it out bit by bit. Praise him.

    In Jesus’ love – Melody


    Your sisinlaw sounds super, too btw.

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