I kinda dislike steps.  At the bottom staring up to the top of hundreds, it’s easy to wonder how long it will take to plateau out.

But today I was so peacefully encouraged by Dr. Jo Ann Lyon’s testimony.  I don’t think I could quote anything she said today, but I took in every word.  The luncheon was incredible, surrounded by 65 women and the Holy Spirit.  Evidently, Dr. Lyon has climbed a collection of steps to take her to this present place of influence.  She may not have seen the importance of each odd job or move, but God was laying a path for her to affect the heart of His church.  As the founder and chair of World Hope International as well as the newly elected General Superintendent (i.e. “pope”) of the Wesleyan Church, she leads in compassion and determination.

I love how God leads.  Sometimes it’s so gentle, like a nudge.  Other times it is a flood, forcing us in the way His water sends us.  Dr. Lyon made a point that I really think is great.  We have two choices in these situations.  Resignation and relinquishment.  Relinquishment opens ourselves up for God to fully use us.  Resignation, like a closed fist, fights everything off…even the good stuff.

What step are you on right now?  Do you know where it’s leading, or are you completely baffled?

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