So I have had a lot of people ask what “style” my music would be called.  Hmm…good question.  It’s a blend of jazz, broadway, pop, folk, polka, rock, with a twist of Andiration.  So instead of trying to make up some word like jabropfolkarockz….

how about “Rock’n’lull”?  Being that I have been a nanny in the past, and I write a lot of ballads…it just seems appropriate.  Especially when I have a band behind me.  That’s rock’n’lull. 

Like next Sunday is gonna rock.  Sunday morning worship is gonna rock’n’lull.  I will have organ, YES, organ played by the magnificent Maribeth Jennings, and my back-up singers are the very fantabulous Bethany Women’s Trio! 

So get ready, CWCers, cuz our church is gonna rock’n’lull.  Okay, I know I’ve already overused this term, but how else am I gonna make it stick??


3 thoughts on “Style-ish

  1. Jordan

    Anything with a beat is deemed sinful. Keep your feet on the ground kids. No clapping. And don’t you dare raise a hand above the forehead. Rock’n’lull is from the devil and I’m sticking to it. How can you mix sin and beauty together? Take two house plants and put it to the test…

  2. @Jordan: Brother, brother, brother. I tell you, those Baptists have got you twisted. JK.

    Maribeth put a fun spin on the song, btw. She has a slow organ intro of O Worship The King…and on the last chord I will come in on piano with the chords for “To The King”. Really neat!

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