Cultural Impact


Politics is downstream from culture, not the other way around.  Real change has to start with the culture; all we can do on Capitol Hill is try to find ways government can nurture healthy cultural trends.”

 -Bill Wichterman, current special assistant to the President of the U.S.

Bill Wichterman was my boss.  For three years I was a nanny for his and his wife’s children.  I love his quote.  Bill and his wife, Dana, often discussed the inluence of culture on politics with me after the kids went to sleep.  Many times Bill gave me the priveledge to go to complimentary concerts (like Third Day and Switchfoot) and sit in on the meetings with the performers afterwards.  Bill and friend Mark Rogers, both part of the Faith and Law group, discussed the importance of the musicians’ influence.  Bill said time and time again, “music affects me…if affects everyone.  It has an influence on our minds, then our culture; and the culture, in turn, affects the laws that are made.”

As a musician and worship leader, I find it an honor to have a part in affecting culture.  If I can display a message of redemption and grace from Jesus, then I’ve planted a positive seed as well as the root of change.  However, the real challenge is impacting a culture, generally resistant to this message, in a way that will produce a shift of priorities.  Not impossible, just a challenge. 

Some of you are doing it!  Some of you are setting examples of love and expressing by your deeds the impact of Christ’s sacrifice.  I really enjoy reading blogs.  It has provided people like me with a community and edification that office walls typically could not provide.  SKÖRINC (Brody Harper and Randy Hicks) knows it.  That’s why they encourage and enable musicians to “blog well” and create interactive conversations between artists and fans.  It enables the musicians to relate to them in daily, genuine ways and establishes a deeper influence of their ministries. 

Some of you who are blogging open doors to get involved in projects that will assist people and communities in great need.  Inspired to Action does it regularly.  Their purpose is “To equip and inspire people to take action on behalf of those in need.”  Incredible!  I read a post last week about Jenny Simmons, lead singer of Addison Road, which truly challenged me.  She is inspiring people all over to share love and funds to families in the U.S. who have fallen on some financial hard times.  She found the families on!  Imagine how her courage must already be challenging others to do the same.

Do you know of other groups that are finding ways to “nurture healthy culture trends” like these groups?



One thought on “Cultural Impact

  1. Jordan

    Good words. One of your best blogs yet! Encouraging and insightful and culturally appropriate. True impact to a culture is something difficult to materialize but I have found that every little bit counts. Keep up the good work!

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