The mic, the butterfly, dinner for two


Doreen figured out why the balance was off in our “To The King” recording.  Becca’s part was missing….something must’ve been askew with her mic.  So the beautiful low that completes those harmonies is not present in the recording like we heard it live.  Oh, well…

Last night we had a surprise BDAY party for my friend Christy.   I really wish I had taken my camera.  Prior to the surprise party, Christy had been painting faces as the children’s church kick-off party, so I got my face painted.  THEN I convinced her to let me paint her face….into a big, bright butterfly!   She looked like a butterfly with teeth in her body.  It was awesome….maybe I’ll grab a pic from someone today that did take pictures.

Yesterday I made dinner for the youth pastor and his wife (the youth pastor just had knee surgery), and I am taking it over today.  I made Dana Wichterman’s recipe for chicken fajitas, and let me tell you they are divine!!!  Oh, so yummy.  For young adults tonight, I am brining chocolate peanut butter bars…they are like huge Reese’s cups.  Oh my, they are so good.

Happy Day!


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