I’m Sorry


I’ve been neglecting my blog.  Busyness?  Kinda.  I’m sorting through a lot….my room, organizing the worship team for the youth  (which is becoming a lot more difficult than I originally anticipated), and some future events that I’m in charge of planning.

I’ve got a lot in my head.  So, sorry, blog.  I’ll get around to taking care of business soon.  For now, watch for a new look…it’s changed a lot in the last few days, and it will be changing more until the right one is achieved.


2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. Andira – I read your post on Brody’s blog and I wanted to let you kow I am praying for you and your family during this time. I know that feeling rising up in your chest, your heart as you sit in the hospital room waiting. I realize there aren’t any magic words I can say to make everything better. But, please know that I am in prayer for you all and the Lord is there. He’s listening and He cares. Sing your song out to Him. Cry your tears on His shoulder. He is there.

    Jesus loves you

    Melody Milbrandt

  2. 6justmyopinion

    Andira–I agree with Melody….How is Grandma? On my blog today I did two posts, one about Grandmother’s love and another about God’s.
    I would love to hear you sing this song…
    May the Lord comfort you now.


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