Do you ever have days that feel like a dream?  It’s as though everything is a wee bit fuzzy and your head is in the clouds.  I’ve accomplished quite a bit today, but I still feel like someone has stuffed cotton in my brain.

Probably, it’s due to all the things that are up in the air.  My grandma’s health is still debatable.  I still haven’t heard about my second interview and have not secured a FT job after all these months.  There are about a dozen gigs/ministries/items that I am responsible for in the next three months, but I’ve gone about as far as I can go planning on my end.  I continue to wait.

God is good.  He provides abundantly, and even when things look bleak I know He’s here holding us up and fueling our movements.

So I’m heading up to the attic to compose another song on my piano and hopefully gain some motivation.


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