Bent to Challenge


It must be somewhere in my veins, this tendency to attract circumstances that are, well, challenging.  LOL.   But in every challenge, something is gained.  Somethings can be lost, as well.   However, I’ve definitely learned how to grasp the hand of Jesus the more “life” occurs.  He is my constant friend.

I have been greatly deceived in the past.  Most of us have been at one point or another in our lives.  And I think we like to do a bit of deceiving ourselves sometimes.  The image we sometimes prefer to share is a stronger one than the one shaking inside.  I guess we don’t like to seem weak or confused.  But if we could be honest with ourselves and those around us, do you think most of us would admit to weakness and confusion?

Well, at any rate, I was deceived in a very despicable way.  The deceiver was indeed very inventive.  However, I did believe it because I wanted to believe it.  It seemed like a grand explanation and the best solution for the issue at hand.

But I was wrong.  And now I am being made accountable for it.  Thankfully, so it would seem, there is a great deal of grace available, but it’s gonna be a nice long run to make things fully right.  You know what has made such a huge difference in it all?  The responses of those people around me.  I have been comforted and encouraged, embraced and assisted by my family and my church.

God, be praised.  Your grace is more than sufficient.


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