Praise God!  After 6 months of pursuing/waiting, I got the fantastic call this morning.  I am the receptionist, a.k.a. “voice of the company” (that’s what they called me in the interview-LOL), for INMAR in W-S.

The hours are perfect.  The job is great.  The people are so kind and outgoing.  I feel so honored.  God knows what we need, and I thank Him for keeping me afloat until this fell into place.

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers!!!!


3 thoughts on “I GOT A JOB!!!!

  1. Marty

    Super news, Andi! If it’s a great Voice they want their prayers have been answered–yours too! God is sooo good, and He takes care of His children!

  2. INMAR is a coupon company…their subsidiaries manufacture and distribute coupons. W-S is Winston-Salem. That’s okay, i didn’t know what INMAR was either..and still am learning the ins and outs of it.

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