Modern Day Slavery


It will be a busy day on October 25th at CWC.  Much preparation will go into this so carefully planned event. These last few weeks in America have been much busier. Our economy right now is all a fluster, with the DOW traveling a wild roller-coaster and jobs seemingly uncertain. 

This week, I have had to re-align my focus regularly.  It is easy to be caught up into the busy-ness of our routines and in the political/economical shocks that attempt to prevent “normalcy.”  Several mornings I have been reminded by God that even though much seems uncertain, I am PRIVELEGED to live in the USA.  I have a freedom that some may never experience.  Some may never even be able to dream of such a freedom.  Yet, I have it everyday.  It is all I have ever known.  Most days I take it for granted.

There is another freedom I have been given, and it is a gift to ALL.  We do not have to be bound to our downfalls.  We have been released from the ultimate affect of our sin: separation from God.  For those of us who have accepted this gift, we know the fruits of this.  However, there are so many that cannot comprehend a gift of this grandeur.  Bondage is second-nature. 

This is what we at the Union Cross Café hope to combat on October 25th.  We would love to open our doors and share freedom through Jesus Christ with our community.  And for those who walk through those doors and purchase cafe selections, their investment goes beyond nurishment of their stomachs.  This money will go towards the release of a bondservant in Pakistan

Yes, slavery still exists in many forms.  Even here in America.  We may not know how to recognize it, yet it flourishes.  You can help!  All of us can help!  Please head out on the 25th to Christ Wesleyan Church at 7:00 PM, and COME HUNGRY!!!

Please see World Hope’s site at for a video and more details on how this money on the 25th can make a difference.


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