What I am Learning in Bible Study


1.  God knows everything at all times.
2.  God loves the world.
3.  The root of all our sin is placing ourselves at or above God’s position.
4.  We cannot be god and be with God at the same time.
5.  God has a plan to enable us to be with Him again.
4.  God fulfills this plan through Jesus.
5.  God desires for us to be with Him, but He does not force it.
6.  We have a choice whether we want to be with Him or not.
7.  God gives us spiritual gifts (talents, abilities) and draws us to them and Him.
8.  God is not dependent upon our choices in order to fulfill His plan.
9.  God has unlimited resources. 
10. If we want to be used to help the Kingdom, He will use us, but not always in the way we expect or hope.

I may expound on these later.


3 thoughts on “What I am Learning in Bible Study

  1. laurenxchristine

    If you are talking about the WOW bible study, I agree it is amazing (at least the time i went =])

    and FYI..im back to blogging and I promise to keep it updated with posts, lol

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