Positive Post Tuesday-Ashlie Pugh


It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done a PPT, but I need to today.  It’s a special day!  It’s my dear friend Ashlie Pugh’s birthday!   And I am excited to share about the friendship I have with Ashlie today, as well as to share about her heart.

Ashlie is one of those people that I call “kindred”.   She and I could probably spend hours talking…we have so much in common.  She has been an incredible encouragement to me over the last couple years, and recently, she blessed me more than she probably knows.  I had an anxiety attack at work a couple weeks ago, so bad that I couldn’t drive.   All I had to do was say “can you come get me?”, and she was in her car and on her way to pick me up.  Then she emphathized with me and talked me through something that was really scary, and by the time she got me home I felt 100% better.  She called to check up on me and has done so often in the last couple weeks.  I am so blessed to have someone like Ashlie in my life!

Ashlie has such a big heart.  She loves hard and works hard, but she also plays hard.  🙂   She is so much fun!  When it’s time to relax or get out and party, she knows just what to do to make it awesome.  (Oh, and just a side-note…I love her style.   It’s so much fun to shop with her!) 

Ashlie has been having a rough few weeks, though.  Even in the frustration of what she has been dealing with, she puts others first.  I don’t know how she does all that she does, but she would tell you it is by the grace of God.  She always points right back to Him.  If you would, pray for Ashlie today.  Pray that God would sustain her and provide for her family.  And if you know her, wish her a happy birthday!   🙂


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