The Wow Factor


The last couple of weeks have been so busy for me…good busy.  In the midst of my preparation for the Union Cross Cafe on Saturday, I began to worry about having enough help for set up.  I just hadn’t planned as well as I thought I had for previous UCCs…so yesterday on the way to church I prayed God would provide the manpower I needed to move all the heavy things and set up.

So last night after church as I pulled in the first chair, I had an abundance of help.   A bunch of young adults and a couple of teens started asking where to move things, and within the hour we were set!  It was incredible!

I am so blessed by these people.  Tonight we have our young adults’ Christmas party, and I am sure it will be amazing and fun.  Over the last year since we have been meeting weekly, our group has grown and bonded so much.  This was something I had prayed about and dreamt about, and here we are going deep into the Word of God and also working together on events for the community and church.  

How AWESOME is our God, that He has heard our prayers and provided this growth!


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