Musings, many much Musings


I am so sleep deprived.  Caffeine is of no consequence; nothing sounds better than my bed and Old Navy slipper boots right now.  I like the cold, but I don’t like the cold today.  It is trying to invigorate my body, when my body much prefers to be wrapped in a thousand blankets, drenched in dream-world.

Today I woke up feeling crabby.  Crabby and sick.  Then when I got to work I went from sick to frustrated.  Frustration made me wake up some more.  I should be thankful;  I don’t want to nod off as important guests come to my receptionist desk.  However, it just made me more crabby.

I wonder if God finds it amusing when we are in moods like this.  I’m not going to take my complaints out on anyone…there’s just an slightly insane edge to my brain-thoughts right now.  I know it will pass.  It always does. 

Today is a good day for 80s movies.  Or Adam Sandler movies.  In bed.  With Old Navy slipper boots. 


I should be learning my lines for the Easter program.   I don’t feel sick anymore.  God is good.  Even in the middle of my complaining.  I’m so glad He sees beyond my fleshy impulses to my heart.


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