Trading in the Youth Pastor


Sunday night was the Superbowl.  I think the  Steelers won.  I saw about 15 minutes right before the half-time show.  This should prove to you my dedication to sports.

I have none.

But the party was really fun.  If you call being surrounded by hundreds of teens fun….which, I absolutely do!  Youth ministry is a passion of mine.  Hardcore.   These people are amazing!  Really!  I’ve never been more challenged, more encouraged, more stoked, or more insane than with these teens.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our church invited over 4 other youth groups for this Superbowl bash, and we opened up the gym for sporting experimentation.  Rather, extermination.  Ha, that’s probably what the boys of Christ Wesleyan thought when they challenged the girls (including me) of Christ Wesleyan to a basketball game. 

To make it “fair” we swapped one guy for one girl, therefore having one player of opposite sex on each team.  We beasted the boys team.  I mean, we wiped the floor with them.  They were in utter shock.  I think we were too.  I mean, there were actual basketball players on that boy’s team. 

oh, and we figured out that to procure a bus for our youth, all we need to do is get rid of youth pastor Mark.  Not that we ever could or would or desire to do such a thing.  However, I think the real solution is this:  we need to invite Bales Wesleyan to join us more often so they can borrow Mark and we can borrow their bus. 

I think that’s a fair trade, don’t you?


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