Fairytale Squash


0818beastWhat is your favorite fairytale? I saw a post by Brody Harper recently, who asked about that.  Also, an article about the new movie “Coraline”, mentions Disney fairytales.  It made me think about my own favorite fairytale, and why I chose it.

As a child and teen, my favorite was indeed Beauty and the Beast (Disney’s version).  I could relate to Beauty’s obsession with books.  And for some reason, I thought the idea of seeing the heart of the Beast was really incredible.  And I loved the music.  I really did. 

And I have always despised pompus, vain, winning-obsessed men.  Gaston would have gotten the same treatment, with more ‘umph’, from me as he did with Belle.

Last year, I fell in love with Penelope.  Oddly, not too dissimilar  a story line from Beauty and the Beast.  It’s just flip-flopped a little.  But, still, she loves a man who has his demons.  And who rids himself of them.  And not for her.  For himself. 

And now I am admitting to all of blog-world my newest obsession: the Twilight saga.  I read those books in 4 days.  Again, a book-obsessed girl grows to love a beast of a man…seeing the heart of him even though the shell is a bit dangerous. Well, VERY dangerous. 

Indeed, I’m a Twilighter.  Hardcore. 

And I’m Team Edward.  Just so ya know.


3 thoughts on “Fairytale Squash

  1. clairebear400

    I love Beauty and the Beast – the musical has just hit our Cape Town shores it was absolutely amazing! Just like the movie – and the music, wow!

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