Unemployment Support Group at CWC



My church, Christ Wesleyan Church, is starting something this week.  Tuesday mornings at 9 am, the Hospitality Room will be open for an Unemployment Support Group.  We will start off with prayer….so necessary as we need to come before our Father and give Him everything.  So many of us are in need.  So many are hurting financially with the economy the way it is.  But, God is bigger!

After prayer, breakfast will be provided.  We will have free wireless internet provided for your laptops, information on unemployment and networking, as well as websites to frequent in efforts to acquire employment.

Overall, this will be an informal group.  It is difficult to get and remain motivated everyday to go through the repetitious application processes.  We hope that this will be be a motivation and encouragement.  If you are unemployed, you know you are not alone!  And, CWC wants to help.

Tuesday mornings at 9 am…bring your laptop….bring your ideas….come as you are! We will get through this together with the Lord by our side!

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