Jesus Is…


Today I woke up to another nightmare.  For months now I’ve been waking up in the middle of horrific dreams, and I feel like I never sleep.  The dreams are stressful…so much so that when I wake up I cannot breathe, and my arms and legs are in pain from the tension. So I allowed myself a real day of rest on this Sunday and am spending the morning at home with my Abba.

Last night at the Union Cross Cafe, I was blown away by the music.  I am so proud of my brother and his band…and my dear friend Tara Jackson.  I really hope that the music and fellowship was as uplifting to everyone else there as it was to me.  It is so good to gather together and celebrate our Saviour.

Tara said something last night..about the world having a spirit of discouragment right now…do you sense it too?  The war between our Creator and the Enemy seems to be heightened right now.  Between heartache and financial stress, it almost seems like God’s children are being attacked.  They probably are.  Someone said in young adults a couple weeks ago that Satan is trying to suck out all the hope in the world, and how appropriate that he would target the people that know of the only true Hope.  Not that they are the only ones targeted, by any means.  But the numbers in my church out of work and hurting are staggering.

They probably are in yours too.

I myself am fighting discouragment.  A day hasn’t gone by lately where I haven’t been tempted to give up (especially on myself).   I have been tempted to dwell on superficial things…things that will not matter in the course of  my life.  Seems like the devil likes to make us feel worthless often.  Sure does break one’s spirit.  So it’s good to remember that my worth is in Christ…not in the world or how the world views me. I have purpose in and because of Him.

So, thought I’d make a list of who Jesus is to me.  Jesus is:

  • my comforter
  • alive!
  • forgiveness
  • my best friend
  • the one who gave me a reason to really live
  • my sustainer
  • grace, breathtaking  grace
  • the one who fights for me
  • tenderhearted
  • my cheerleader
  • the way, the truth and the life…the ONLY way to have a forever with our Creator
  • my hero
  • so loving
  • compassion, gut-wrenching full of compassion
  • my shield
  • my joy
  • the one who took my place of death and shame … the one who got what I deserved
  • the one who thought I was worth dying for
  • my hope

And even though we do not know what tomorrow brings, the victory is already His!  “Today has enough worry for itself.”  I know that tomorrow is God’s.  I know that God loved us so much that He sacrificed His son..His own flesh…so that we’d have eternity with Him.

This is a love like I have never known.



One thought on “Jesus Is…

  1. Marty

    I second your hallelujah!! Jesus is everything as you say, plus so much more that we can never properly put into words. I’m praying that Christ gives you strength and encouragement, Andira, and that soon He puts a sweet, sweet song in your dreams.

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