God Provides


My dad wrote me an encouraging letter and handed it to me today. Sometimes my dad writes me letters…I needed the words that my father penned today.

God always provides.

Sometimes I really don’t appreciate God’s provision as much as I should.  I have misinterpreted it in the past…and overlooked it.   Yesterday I had the opportunity to stand in a park and soak in a love song from God.  As I meandered in the grass, His promises poured into the empty spaces of my heart.

And then it occurred to me that my panic had disappeared.  Since my initial panic attack on November 14th last year, I have struggled daily with panic…stress-induced asthma.  It has crippled my singing (which is partly why I’ve been taking break from giving concerts).  Such a nuisance it has been, and I have been working through it all these months with prayer and petition and “stress-relief”.   And then all of the sudden, the panic was gone.  Completely.  Two days ago.

And I only realized it yesterday at the park, with tears streaming down my face.

On top of that, yesterday morning I woke up without a dream in my head.  The same this morning.  Praise God!!!!!!!!  I cannot even begin to explain to you how much of a relief this is!  I know it has only been two days, and I do not know what triggered the release.   I’m just so thankful!  These two days are the first days since November that I’ve woken up without a nightmare/dream.  Wow.

God provides in ways we may not always expect or in the timing we hope for, but His way is always SOOOO  much better than anything I could have ever anticipated.  I am trusting Him for a job…for my future.  It is such a joy to honor Him with my everyday.


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