Sniffles and Happiness


Ah!  What a beautiful day!  This morning I had a great interview with a company.  It seems like a great company, and it’s not too terribly far from where James and I live.   So I’m praying for God’s will.  It would really help us start saving to build a house if I got this job.

Well, I have been married to James almost 2 weeks….it’s wonderful.   I cannot imagine life without him.   He is my companion and best friend.  How thankful I am!

Tonight he is taking his cousin Brandy and me to go see New Moon.  I am sooo excited!   I know it won’t be as good as the book, but that is almost always the case.   It should be fun!

This Christmas will be so different from all the others.  Two nieces, one on the way, and a husband.  It is hard to believe it is so close.  So many traditions and joys to pass on.  🙂

God is so good.




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