Trust and Worship


My boss often watches Joyce Meyer speak online while we do our work.  It’s great!   We get to laugh and learn while we work.  Makes the day happy.  Today was one of the Joyce days, and she spoke about trusting God.

Such a simple concept, and yet we make it so hard.  We do.  Instead of reminding ourselves that “we may not know what is happening, but God does”, we grumble, fume, worry, and complain.  We feel like we have lost control and so we lose control of our attitudes and actions.   And often times I doubt we even realize it because it has become our second nature.  We have made a habit of reacting to frustrating or confusing circumstances in a way that is not necessary…which more often than not makes things much worse than they really are.

Joyce says instead of all this grumbling and worrying, we just need to say “God, I don’t know what is going on, but I trust You.”   And we may have to say it over and over and over again and put our impulses on hold until we make that attitude and action a habit of trust.  Trusting can become second nature, but we have to practice.

My husband and I were discussing a situation last night, and he remarked how we shouldn’t worry about this possible negative outcome…we need to do the right thing, the thing that honors God, and trust that He will provide.  He is absolutely right.

Last night I led music worship for the youth at the church I grew up in.  It has been quite a few months since I have led worship music, and I really missed it.  It is a passion of mine.  God is so worthy of our praise.  It is an honor preparing music to lead a group of people into focusing on Him and singing out how wonderful He is.  At one point we dropped out all of the instruments, pulled the lights down completely, and I pulled the mic back from my own voice…the voices I heard were so young and yet so strong.  I pray that each of those teens believe and live the words they sang out together last night.

It is so easy to meet together every week and sing, but the most important thing is that we LIVE worship….that the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts are pleasing to God.  And that is the exact thing I prayed for those teens and even adults in the service last night.  What I love about worship music is that oftentimes during the week the words we have sung will circulate in my head, and they will calm my spirit and prepare my mind for what I am working on.     What we feed upon, especially when it comes to repeated lyrics, becomes a part of our meditation.  As does trust.  If we meditate on trusting God, it is likely that we will start to notice a difference in our attitudes and conversation.  I can’t always tell when I am not trusting God, but I can always tell when I am having a bad day.  The bad days…ugh…yeah, you know them.  Nothing seems to go right and little makes you smile.   It is on those days that I know I should be asking myself if I have been practicing trust…and I should probably question what has been consuming my mind.

And yes, this is one of these reminders to myself that God is bigger than the biggest frustration and most difficult situation.


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