A Choice That Matters


Fellow Christians, where do we draw the line in government on upholding moral standards?  If each individual is free to choose their own moral standards, then what is this nation going to look like in 20 or 30 years?  Things are getting frustrating in our nation, specifically in North Carolina right now.  Morality is up for a vote. Again.  That is it in a nutshell.  We have judges making decisions and amendments are being voted on regarding the moral issues of our nation.  For some people, it is your “religion” that decides your morality standards.  For others, it is your culture.  For some, society.  For some, it is whatever you as an individual think is right and wrong.  So what about us a nation, or even as a state?  How do we determine what is morally right and wrong?  What is the standard, and from where does it come?  What are we Christians supposed to do?

The crux of the matter for me is that the moral standards which the majority of the world had supported are now being challenged and amended.  Even those who did not believe in God or live as Christians used to believe that murder, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lying, and stealing, etc. were wrong.  Now some of these wrongs are becoming more and more acceptable as “rights”, even among Bible believing people.  These things have been around as long as sin has been in the world, but why is our world now thinking these things are acceptable?  Why are Christians supporting and living them????

Should the government have a set of moral standards for our nation?  I personally think so.  Otherwise, because our nation is full of self-serving people, we will become a people who have no standards except for those that we as individuals wish to uphold.  To me, our nation having moral standards is not about Christians pushing beliefs on a free nation. It is about accountability so that we do not become a corrupt nation.  Again, what is the standard and from where do we draw it?  This is what truly frustrates me.  Most moral standards derive from religious practices.  Apart from those, how do you decide what is right and wrong?  Where do we draw the line as a nation?  Murder?  Well, it is becoming more acceptable.  Abortions continue.  Sexual promiscuity?  Adultery and fornication have been too long a way of life even among Christians.  So now the news is all about same-sex marriage.   First of all, marriage itself was created by God.  That being said, how can we who believe the God of the Holy Bible even consider supporting same-sex marriage?  This baffles me.  To support this means to accept that homosexuality is “okay”.  How can you support a marital union of two same-sex people and not also support that lifestyle?  Argue it however you want, that is what it comes down to. It is just as much a sin as adultery or murder, but if we as Christians recognize same-sex marriage, we are giving benefits to sinning people, basically rewarding  immoral behavior.  It must be said that bullying, hate-talk, and violent words/actions are equally unacceptable.  How does this glorify God?  What does this accomplish?  Nothing. Shame on Christians for this behavior.

What happens if the government recognizes same-sex marriage?  My biggest concern is the end result.  It is hard enough for those that struggle with homosexuality to heal and live aright.  They will continue to be pushed to give in to the temptation and just live the way they desire to live.  Children will grow up in a world where they are taught that homosexuality is “natural” and acceptable.  That saddens me greatly.    As Christians, we will have to work overtime (more than we already do) to instill morality in our children, because our nation, media and schools will push against it.  They already do to a certain extent.

We have the freedom to choose whatever beliefs we want to believe in this country.  This is a freedom for which I am grateful.  I agree that we should not force those that have not chosen Christianity to live according to God’s standards.  As Christians, our primary mission is to share Christ with the lost so they will be saved.  It is not our mission to force unbelievers to first live holy.  Living holy usually FOLLOWS accepting and believing the Word.   It makes sense, right?   However, most cultures have some kind of moral standard.  It likely does derive from some religious beliefs, but isn’t it interesting that most of the religions that have been around for thousands of years have similar moral standards?  They may not have similar gods/saviors or similar ways to obtain eternal peace, but they tend to have similar moral standards.  As I said before, previously the majority of the world considered adultery, murder, stealing, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, etc. to be wrong.  We are on a swift move away from this.  As one of my previous employers Bill Wichterman  has said, culture is upstream from politics.  What you see happening in politics and in the government is occurring because of a shift in our nation’s culture.

So, Christians, what are we supposed to do?   How do we impact the culture of the United States?  How will our Christian culture impact our government?  Whether or not it is right that the government decides it, a moral standard is up for a vote.  Perhaps the government should have approached this a different way.  Perhaps marital unions should only be recognized in religious practices instead of as government supported unions.  But at this time, this is not the case.  We have the opportunity to help the government instill a moral standard.  We must consider the end results of our choices.  What choice will ultimately glorify God?


2 thoughts on “A Choice That Matters

  1. Thanks for your post, Andria! You’ve got a lot of good stuff in there. It IS scary where our society is heading. I think it’s getting harder and harder for the lost to find Christ in our culture.

    Our pastor said something cool recently that stuck in my mind. He gave an illustration about the “designate a driver” campaigns the government did years back to help stop drunk driving. He said they encouraged groups to bring someone with them to parties that wouldn’t drink alcohol so the group could be driven home when they were totally wasted.

    He said that we need to be the designated drivers for our culture. Rather than hiding in our churches, we’ve got to be WITH people, helping them, loving them…but we need to be drinking something else! That way, when they get ‘drunk’, lose their faculties, and are too confused to find their way home, we will be the ones they come to because they saw that we were drinking something else the whole time. I thought it was a great illustration!

    Thanks for your post!

  2. I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes from one of our Founding Fathers…
    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” (President John Adams on October 11, 1798 in an address to the military) I too, am concerned about where our culture is heading. I have a couple of “titles” of books in my head which may never get written, but one of them is “How Did We Get Here From There?” What a difference even in my lifetime! The “there” that I remember from the 1950’s and 1960’s in the little community that I grew up in was different than some, I’m sure, but the morality that was prevelent then was held by. like you said in your blog, the majority of the people, whether or not they went to church and professed to be Christian. How different that is from now…relativism seems to be creeping into the culture at an alarming pace. Dr. James Dobson warned us probably thrity years ago. And who talks about sin anymore? Who is willing to “draw a line in the sand” about morality in our culture? Who in the church, is willing to “draw a line in the sand?” It is getting harder and harder to find people who will draw that line, much less live it. Thank you Andria, for drawing that line with your blog!

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