Worship While Worrying?


Today I have been thinking much about quibbles, annoyances, stubbornness, aches, sleepiness, exhaustion, worries, debt, frustrations, work, to do lists, and conspiracy theories.  I have let worries consume my mind.  Every one of these worries have made it almost impossible to celebrate God.  And this is a terrible shame.  God knows about all of them and has a way through all of them.  He’s just waiting for our conversation about them so He can provide the means.  So many times God takes care of problems when we aren’t even aware of them.  How could we expect less when are aware and in need?  And while we groan and moan, churning with frustration and reaching for another cup of coffee to get us through the day, we miss an opportunity to give thanks to our Provider and adore Him for what He has already done. 

Yes, the daily grind can wear us down.  But isn’t it usually worth it?  The work we put our hands to that provides for our families, the extra effort to prepare a meal for guests that we don’t get to spend time with often, the sweat caused by scrubbing the floor to make it shine, and the sleepless nights caring for a sick child so that he heals and knows that he is loved.  It is worth it.  And all these things we have are because God made it possible.  He gave them to us, so it is our responsibility to care for them with His guidance.  It is so easy to forget this.  It is so easy to get so caught up in all the expectations and our selfish desires, ignoring God’s hand in all of it as well as who He is.  Let us not! 

I love what our Children’s Pastor, Kelsey Hart said yesterday during her message. (paraphrased) “Let us be spread thin for God.  Let us pour ourselves out on the people in our community til our cups are empty and let God fill them up again so we can do it all over again.”. YES! Colossians 3:23 says “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” Aren’t the lost worth it?  Isn’t the extensive time we put into preparing for a service and ministering to the community and fellow believers worth it?  Isn’t God’s will for our lives worth the extra effort and the difficulties that may arise while fulfilling it?  God knows what needs to happen, and we are his vessels! He has provided for us time and time again.  I think of all the names some of you at Christ Wesleyan yesterday called out that describe God.  “Provider, Living Water, Healer, Guidance, Forgiveness, Sustainer….”. Isn’t every moment an opportunity to acknowledge who God is and allow Him to BE that in our lives?  Isn’t that what worship really is? 

May we never lose the wonder of who God is, and let us stop allowing the daily worries/frustrations to make worship difficult or impossible.  God is worthy!  He deserves more than praise.  He deserves our allegiance and following.  What is God saying to you today?  What is asking you to do for His glory?  And how can you thank Him?  Let’s worship together!




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