Reaching the Lost


How about just a little something to chew on this early Tuesday morning?  I wonder if the church is more affective helping the lost and shining the light of Jesus in third world countries.  I was just sitting here thinking about how those that don’t follow Jesus are treated in the USA by those that do.  Do you think the church has the right approach?  I know it depends on the congregation and the city and the individual believer.  But overall, it seems like we are losing ground in our own backyards.  The media doesn’t have a lot of positive words about Christians, Believers, Followers, the church, or whatever we are called.  Such a shame!  The Bible says we will be known by our love, and yet it seems like we are being known by our condemnation.  

What if we approach people that need Jesus in our hometown the same way we approach those in third world countries?  If we provide for their needs and just love them, I wonder how much more likely they would be to consider the wonderful grace of Jesus.  Sure, the needs of the lost in the US may not be as dire as those who need clean water in Africa, but there are needs for which we could provide.   Not just financial. We can encourage, take time to make conversation, lend a helping hand with a move, give a job recommendation, help a mom who is overwhelmed….the opportunities are boundless. Let’s go out of our way, church, to show love to the lost, hurt and weary that are standing right next to us, no matter what they believe.  Isn’t that what Jesus would do?

One thought on “Reaching the Lost

  1. Brittany Reich

    Why yes, I do believe so. People need someone to listen to and know someone cares. It is sometimes scary, but we must be open to others and see there needs. Often wondered if we spend to much time and effort on internal church processes and programming over the needs right around us, just outside our doors.

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