Here We Go Again!


Some days it is hard to believe how blessed I am.  I look at my family, my home, the church, the provisions and am so overcome by God’s goodness.  On days like these, I get dragged down and overwhelmed with all of the obstacles and scary possibilities.  The fight we face is so often mental first, which is why it is so important to know the Word and pray.  It is a strong defense.  Yesterday, my husband’s young cousin Amy Faith was telling me about the lesson she was learning at school.  She explained all about how Jesus was in the desert and had fasted and prayed for 40 days and nights when Satan visited him and tempted him. Jesus, all human and all God, was very hungry.  He told Jesus to turn stones into bread.  Jesus replied with the Word.  “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that precedes from the mouth of God.”  Then Satan tempted Jesus to prove who He was, using the Word against him.  Jesus used the Word again to respond. “You shall not tempt the Lord Your God.”.   Unrelenting, Satan tempts Jesus yet again!  The gall!  If Satan is this pestering with the Son of God, how much more so will he be to us.  We need to know the Word.  And we need to remember who we are in Christ.

Also, this story and experience reminds me how important the church is. As Pastor Rusty was speaking on last Sunday, we are called to encourage one another and build each other up. It is so easy to find the faults in the church and in ourselves, but pessimism does no good.  Yes, we will have obstacles.  There are things we need to do better and work on.  But let’s not forgot what we have accomplished and what God has done for us.  Let’s praise God first and thank Him before we know the outcomes.  Then when the difficult times are fading, we can celebrate and party and enjoy the relief.   In Matthew 4, this temptation story ends with Satan leaving and the angels ministering to Jesus.  Our Savior and God was ministered to, encouraged and provided for.  God won’t leave us hanging.  I need to remind myself of that daily.

All this said, it is very easy some days to focus on the negative.  When we can’t face it alone or seem to fight off the enemy’s attacks even through prayer,  the church can soldier up and step in on our behalf.  So today, church, I am asking for you mighty prayer warriors to step in for me and pray.    I should be somewhere around 8 or 9 weeks pregnant right now.  I am not  entirely sure.  It was quite a shock.  This is my 4th pregnancy, and after having lost 2 babies around this time, you can imagine my nerves are on edge.  My first appointment is next Friday.  I am very hopeful and truly excited about this little baby.   Please pray for the baby’s health and that we  will have good news next Friday and see a strong heartbeat.


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