Total Immersion


Have you ever been driving down the road totally immersed in the glory of God while listening to worship music and completely driven the wrong way or missed your exit? I must admit this has happened to me on more than one occasion. When you are alone at home listening to worship music, do you sing louder and dance crazier than with others around you? Hey, it happens. Sometimes, it is easier to let go and enjoy the joy of the Lord without other eyes on you. There is nothing wrong with that. However, there is something incredible about being in a large group of people singing and expressing praise to God with passionate abandon. The energy is invigorating. The emotions flow more freely. The words of the music sink deeper. It can be encouraging to the believer. I will use the word my friend used… can be contagious.

Isn’t that what we are all called to be? Contagious? Isn’t our common mission to share the good news of Christ to the unbelievers and be a spiritual support system for our fellow church members? This requires something basic, which is an outpouring of the love of God. An overflow that first starts within our hearts and minds and then radiates outward, whether through actions or speech.

Do you ever feel like something is holding you back? Do you almost start a conversation about the Lord with someone and then stop? Do you tell someone you will pray and then not follow through? Have you ever wanted to throw yourself on the altar during prayer or fall on your knees in worship during a song in church service….but remained still? Don’t hold back! Don’t let Satan target your fear or your uncertainty and squelch your overflow. Remember, you are a child of God, redeemed, bought with a price. You are how the world will learn about God’s goodness. You can be infectious and help others to know freedom and joy through Christ!!!

So many of us have different backgrounds and experiences. We may worship differently. Some of us may be more effective one on one. Some of us are great at behind the scenes support. Others are leaders, encouraging the flock to push forward. Whoever you are, whatever your background, however you find abandon worshipping and praising God, do it with all your heart for the glory of God and not men. But don’t worry if the crowd sees it. Remember, we are called to go and tell. This is not a silent or stationary mission. (Does anyone remember the song “I don’t want to be, I don’t want to be a casual Christian”?)

God’s presence, full and constant, is awesome. Whether driving down the road lost or standing in a motionless crowd. Nothing compares to it!! Let us let go of our fears and all that is holding us back so that we can truly worship and serve our Creator and be the fishers of men God has called us to be.


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