Brave In Spite of Myself


I think we often doubt the fullness of God’s power.  I was reading my devotion this morning about Lazarus and considered the responses of the people when Jesus waited until the 4th day to show up at Lazarus’ grave.  They doubted that Jesus could do anything at this point, even though they had seen him do many miracles previously.  They KNEW of his power, yet they doubted Him.

We, fellow believers and followers of Christ, are no different.  We have seen Yahweh move in other people’s lives, likely even our own.  We have professed belief that Jesus is God and that He has risen from the dead.  We have acknowledged that Jesus’ sacrifice was powerful enough to wipe out the great and terrible division our imperfect, unholy hearts caused between us and our Creator.  Yet, how often do we give up on Him?  How often have we said or thought, “this will take a miracle”, feeling hopeless?   Do we give up before calling on His name?

We know that God does not always answer our prayers the way we imagined He would, but when we call on His name, He always shows up.  He does not fail.   Ever.    If we have been disappointed by God before, we have been deceived.  God does not disappoint.  He does not deceive us, nor does He promise and not deliver.  If we feel like God has let us down, we have bought a lie.  Likely, our perspective was selfish when we feel this way, so we end up missing God’s presence and response.  Or we didn’t show up….and maybe God was providing but we gave up on Him and tried to take over His plan.

It is not easy to trust.  It requires a willingness to let go of our control.  It requires a surrendering of our deepest fears.  It requires that we stop trying to protect ourselves, allow someone else to see our weaknesses and be honest about what we are experiencing.  And accept help.  Accept comfort.  Accept provision, even when it is not in the way we desired.  Even now, I find myself swallowing hard with these words.  It is not easy. In fact, it is a little scary.  But when we put our trust in God -whom we know to be faithful, all powerful, and all knowing-we should be able to breath a sigh of relief.  If we truly believe in Who Yahweh is, we can put our complete trust in Him in every situation.

Many times this requires that we must be willing to do what it takes.  If we want to stop living a certain way, feeling a certain way, thinking a certain way…we must be willing to avoid situations that tempt us.  This may include people, entertainment, websites, venues.  When we ask God to provide, we are saying we WANT the provision.  We have to put some responsibility behind this prayer.  Why would we ask for one thing and do another?  Yet…we do it a lot more than we may be willing to admit.  I am ashamed at how much I have done this.  More times than I want to count.

And when Satan pushes us towards our selfish, doubting, scared nature….we need to remind ourselves AS WELL as Satan that Yahweh is our provider and that nothing can withstand the power of His name.  Fellow believers, let us not doubt God’s power or faithfulness!  In every small or big thing, we can call on His name and trust Him in it.  Let’s not trust our emotions or strive to see things accomplished the way we want them done.  May we ALLOW our chains to be broken and run the way towards God’s shelter and healing.

Jesus, we call on Your name today and ask that You would forgive us for doubting Your power and willingness to provide.  Help us live and see the world the way You need us to see it so that Your name would be glorified and so that we could serve each other and You in love.  Amen.


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