Bigger Than Anything


I am surrounded by so many that are dealing with difficulties.  This morning it seemed like everyone had something heavy that needed prayer.  There are health problems, financial problems, relational problems and so much more.  It would be easy to look at the list of them and feel defeated.  However, James and I have had many conversations lately and come to the conclusion that God has some incredible plans for these people…and that Satan is doing everything he can to prevent the plans from succeeding.  But God is bigger than the boogie man.  Period.

Yes, our God is bigger.  Even if one plan is thwarted, He is not unprepared.  The Creator has wisdom, resources, knowledge and power that Satan does not have.  No matter what the circumstances, we have a shield, fortress, provider, comfort and healer in our Living God.  This has been a mighty reminder to me this week.  Even though we may not know all the details of the pain or struggles each of us are dealing with, God knows.  And He is mighty to save.

Today, Christmas music has been in my heart.  The lyrics of wonder, joy, gratefulness, and God’s amazing plans have reached into my depths to remind me that the God of love does not give up on us.  We are all in different places.  Some of us are feeling hopeless.  Some of us are drowning in addiction. Some of us are considering suicide.  Some of us are too scared to move forward or step out of our comfort zones.  Yet, God knows every bit of this.  He has not left us helpless, even if it seems there is no hope or no way out.  Church, we need each other.  Christ is our only eternal hope.  He is the only way for perfect peace.  But God knew we needed a support system.  A people that would build each other up, intercede through prayer, assist with needs, and comfort us when we are feeling down.

My pastor, Rusty Sieck, is doing a series called Outcry this month.  I would encourage you to come hear these messages each Sunday.  They may be heavy subjects, but, Church, we need to talk about them.  This is real stuff that real people, saved and un-saved, struggle with.

God is faithful. No matter what we are dealing with today, God can heal us, restore us, give us hope and peace.  I am trusting Him for that in many ways.


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