It’s Not Yours


Change is not always fun.  I absolutely love changing my hair color, the flavor of my coffee, or the scent in my oil warmer.  However, some changes are just downright painful.  And scary.  It is so easy for us to feel unstable during transitions.  The world quakes around us, and we cannot trust our instincts.  Our emotions can overwhelm.  I think that God created us with these flooding feelings so that it will force us to stop everything we are doing and just grieve.  Yes, grieve.

We are too busy, and we take on too much.  We have extremely high expectations for ourselves.  I do not think God judges us one bit for taking a breather and mourning losses of all kinds.  Change can hurt every time, though, right?  I think it is because so often change includes a loss.  We may be gaining one thing but losing another.  Sometimes we lose something, and we feel we are left with nothing. It can truly be debilitating.

At some point the waves will settle, though.  The key is anchoring ourselves to our truest and most faithful Creator.  Focus on Him and His goodness.  He will listen to us. God has such great compassion for us; he knows the number of tears we have shed.  He will comfort us and walk us through the transition.  We are never alone, even though we may feel so lonely.  Don’t give up.  Don’t give up.  Don’t give up.  It is so easy to do, friends.  Dark thoughts may come.  Everything may seem hopeless.  It may not seem worth it.  But don’t give up. Especially not on our Heavenly Father.  We need to cling to Him while the earth shakes.  As the waves settle, He will make the pathway clear.  Don’t give up before the shaking ends.  We may lose focus for a little bit.  This is normal.  Again, I think that is why God allows the flood.  We need to stop. Reset. Make certain our foundation is secure.

“It’s not yours.”  This is what the Holy Spirit keeps reminding me.  So many times I have found myself clinging with every fiber of my being, begging the Lord to let me keep this thing.  Yet, He reminds me that knows the plans He has for me.  Even if He allows something to be removed, even if He puts up a barrier, there is life beyond this thing.  There is fruitful, good life after the change.  Mourn the loss.  Grasp God’s hand during the sway.  Then know that life is not over.  While we have breath, we have an important mission that does not change.  We have people to reach for Christ.

It’s not mine.  When I gave my life to Christ, when I surrendered to Him, I gave up my ownership of everything.  All I have and all I acquire He may need to use for His kingdom.  So, it’s not mine.

Church, it is not ours.  I know it is hard.  We lose all the time.  Change is inevitable and so often necessary for the kingdom of GOD.  It can be hard. It can hurt. It can debilitate us for a time. But don’t give up.  Keep your eyes on the goal and our Savior.  We can trust Him with everything we have.


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