Zox Design


My husband designed this really awesome strap that is available to purchase.  I love his creativity and seeing his talent shine.  I am so proud of him!  Pre-order it before tomorrow night here:  http://zox.la/product/string-theory



New Music in the Works


So my husband and I have started playing with a new band.  It’s fun!  He is writing/playing bass and I am writing lyrics/melody lines and singing them(playing a bit of keys).  It’s so great to put words to music that a talented band plays.  We are still working on writing our music, but once we are ready to share, to be sure I will be posting info about it on here.

For now, I’d like to know…what is your favorite band and why has it made the most impact on you?

Stoked about Christmas


As we are preparing for the Christmas UCC, I find myself more and more excited about this holiday season!  For some reason, Christmas in the past has been kinda sad…I won’t go into why on here. Although my dear Grandma won’t be with us this Christmas for the first time, I know where she is….and I think her absence has brought a new-found appreciation for family get-togethers.  So, Christmas is incredibly exciting to me this year.  The whole month of December will be full of wonderful music, events, celebrations, and family-time, and for this I am so thankful!

Bethany (the women’s trio) and I are preparing two peices together for the Christmas UCC, and we are uber-overjoyed about them.   Our rehearsal on Monday went so well…the one song has loads of 4 part harmony, which is tight and wonderful and fun…and we will be dressing up for the event! 

So, make sure you put on your Christmas shoes and head out on December 20th to Christ Wesleyan Church at 7 PM for a really amazing evening.   There will be Christmas lights, desserts, music, and someone special (kids, get ready!!!)

Here’s Bethany and my Christmas pic: