All songs (c) 2008 Andria Reich

The Beauty in Silence

Driving through, my windows down

My mind drifts far away

Never thought it’d be so hard to leave yesterday

All this muck inside my head, I wanna think of you instead

Distractions turn obsession, spinning me around


Oh You quiet me

All this noise has made void

You silence me

You’ve been speaking all along


Skipping beats and restless souls

Wandering away

Unforgiving torment beckons me to stay

Fuzzy words peak on the wave, oh why can’t I escape

Your love is raining down, my past cannot control


Your grace covers all these voices of regret

There is beauty in the silence.


My All

So in love with you today, Thankful for the many ways

You hold my heart safe in your hands and share your promise of a plan

no matter how the story bends, I know your love will never end

I resting in your arms


You are the Lord of all my life

You are my eyes when I can’t see

You form the road beneath my feet

You are the calm in my heart’s storm

You chase away my deepest fears

You shatter doubts and make it clear

God, You are my all.


Though I wrestle with my will You hold fast and keep me still

You fashioned me and guide my steps, You search my heart and know my depths

When I fall into your arms, I am rescued from all harm

I’m safe within your care.


Oh how can I stand without you holding me up?

How can I run without your breath in my lungs?

How can I love without your grace in my heart?

How can I live without you?


With Your Heart

Every morning, every night

Every moment of my life

I am courted, treasured, sought

by your everlasting heart

You give me joy

You shield my life with your valiant protection

You surround me

You mend my heart

You cause my feet to move in your direction

You surround me

With Your love

All my longings, all my desires

All my visions to inspire

None can hide, no none can evade

Capture of Your steady gaze

Embrace my days, embrace my start

Embrace my life, God of my heart.


Into Your Arms

Fingers spread open, palms up

A scent of new perspective


Yet, my shoelaces undone

aim to trip confident steps


So I fall into your arms


Perfection unattainable

but it permeates my breath

It chokes

The outcome’s inevitable

Disaster I see from this view


Ready to run, unprepared

These loose ends to tie up

La la la

No need to worry, no longer scared

Fingers spread open, palms up


The You and Me

You were right when you said I lied to you

Honestly could not disappoint you again

with the pain the truth would have caused you


You put aside your hopes and dreams

For my momentary flings

As confident I am in your dedicated love

I cannot seem to


See the you and me

Unattach the destiny

Escape my history

See the you and me


You were strong when I said I’d given up

Overlooked every time I made that excuse

Don’t know how you could stand to look at me

All the while knowing my shame


You Love Me

Darkness cannot conquer the light

Though I’m stung with manic degrees of sight

Undone and life seems unfair

But you love me, you love me


You see the pain and feel the loss

You capture my tears and hold my heart

Knowing what I left is better left

and what’s ahead is better yet

I’m reaching up to your love, leaving this behind.


Darkness cannot conquer the light

Though I’m stung with manic degrees of sight

I live no longer in fear cuz you love me, you love me


Never expected to see brighter days, disbelief at the smile on my face

cuz you love me, you love me

Don’t wanna lose this sweet repose, the kiss of damaged goods has been removed

cuz you love me, you love me


The Way

He’s lookin’ out his window, lonely staring through

The world is cold and vicious, jaded in its view

His heart is full, spilling fangs and fur

Squelching demons of despair


He’s screaming inside to see the man

The man covered up by lies and fear

Fear that you’ll turn and run the other way

The way, the way, the way

How to find the way from here….


It’s hard to see life through those eyes, dodging visions in the mind

Distorted echoes of design of how he and he should bind

Taking two leaps back to move miles ahead

Shifting years of blinded steps


What you see is not always what you get

Calling it names and stunting progress

Abandon the mission to satisfy the fears

Abandon it all cuz it’s easier than….


Sing Again

So hard to trust

Scared of failure, scared of myself

The distance overwhelms me, but you run it so easily


Does your heart break, do you feel pain

When I ignore your love

Do you miss me, do you wonder

Why I let go of your hand?

It’s amazing you remain, unfaithful though I am

You always look beyond my weakness to hold my when I cry


Please don’t let go

Though you should, though I try

to run away from your heart…

Take my fear, console my mind


Don’t give up on me

Help me to sing again



These disappointments, my avoidance

tear apart this weakened soul

Undeserving bu you restore me

Lift me from this deathly hold


Break me of all these weights that hold me down

Revive me, breathe in me so I won’t drown


You save me, You save me, You save me, You save me


Your conversations, captivation

Whisper from these vintage halls

Reminding me, passionately

The sacrifice you made for me



Wrapped in stardust God carried you through

Cotton candy clouds envelope your view

In his arms, you are flying


Your journey breaks day with the light

Darling giggles sent from above

Oh what laughing eyes can ignite

Little one, you are loved


Wrapped in stardust God carries you through

Cotton candy clouds envelope your view

In his arms, you are flying…….flying


Faster than lightening you’ll travel

Brighter than the sunshine you’ll shine

Such marvelous threads to unravel

Little one, you are loved


You Are God

Maker of me

Author of love and mercy

Giver of life

Healer of death and strife

You amaze me

So faithful, so divine

So inspiring

Your glory mystifies

This wounded soul

that you designed for love

I know that you are God.

I will praise you in my heart

I will praise you with my voice, loud and clear

I will praise you with my life,

You are God, You are God.

Father of hope, Vision beyond my scope

Mender of time, Comforter of mine.


All songs (c) 2008 Andria Reich


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